Mr Vladimir Shumovsky

is the innovative areas creator,

the planetary values projects manager,

the Patent holder and" Professional conceptology" author.

The Patent owner, the Projects Manager, the General Director, and also:




  •  The author of more than 350 inventions in the construction, social, energy, transport and environmental undustry;
  •  The holder of 21 patents for inventions, utility models and industrial designs; 3 of them are conceptual, international AAAA category level;
  •  The author of scientific and educational programs " Professional  conceptology" for the organizational development, conceptual direction and global processes modeling;
  •  The manager of innovation projects;
  •  The business person with 18 years of experience in manufacturing industry and real estate field;
  •  The holder of his own  brands.

The conceptual balanced and competent solutions designer;  the harmonic interaction of priority and basic trends takes into account global, local and each project's elementary components. Mr V.Shumovsky is engaged in the development and implementation of vitally important issues in the following areas:

  • Housing /affordability, efficiency, comfort, safety and variety with the energy independence possibility/;
  • Floating constructions, houses, cities... other different areas and activities;
  • Autonomous energy systems based on renewable sources;
  • Agricultural multitiered self-sufficient unity /full cycle in year-round use/;
  • High-speed universal pilot-free transportation system and more for individual use and business, based on own and international inventions and projects.


Intellectual activity


The following PATENTS were obtained:

  • On the inventions...
  • On the useful models...  
  • On the industrial designs...  
  • On the trademarks...


Many patents have no analogues in the world and hold  AAAA category.

There are more than 200 created innovative projects based on them.

The projects were presented on TV; newspapers and magazines are being  written about them. The programs and projects are discussed in various media outlets, forums and conferences.

MONOSOTA's structural design from modular easily replaceable units and parts for various purposes is the next constructive technological step.

Monosotostructural  Projects The implementation directions:

  1. Full cycle's manufacture;
  2. Assembly and installation teams;
  3. Summerhouses;
  4. Townhouses;
  5. Business centers and shopping malls;
  6. Resorts and hotels;
  7. Earthquake-resistant houses /up to 5 floors, up to 32 floors, up to 256 floors/;
  8. Flooding MONOSOTA's constructions, diving hotels;
  9. Floating piers and docks;
  10. Rescue tents, fast deployment multilevel camps /Emargency Situations Ministry/;
  11. Monosotostructural pneumatic energy systems;
  12. Monosotostructural multilevel greenhouses, orangeries and aquaponic installation;
  13. Multilevel parkings with piston type lifts;
  14. Floating and overland automated terminals;
  15. The service  centers and service teams structure.

Main developed segments and directions.



  1. Fewlevels MONOSOTA structure up to 7 floors / Summerhouses, Townhouses, Sports facilities, Earthquake-resistant houses constructions/;
  2. Сommercial and farm purpose buildings, including agricultural complexes;
  3. Monosotostructural  floating constructions and terminals / Cottages, Settlements, Piers and more on the  lakes, marshland, rivers and seas/ ;
  4. Fewlevels cube structure / Cottages, Townhouses and more other buildings/;
  5. Multistoried MONOSOTA constructions / Autonomous skyscrapers, Floating terminals, Cities on the water surface/;


  1. Pneumo-Hydro-Energy facilities on land surface;
  2. Wind power refrigeration floating units;
  3. Pneumatic energy fish installations.


  1. Personal use rapid transportations highways system for passengers, cargo and cargo-passengers use;
  2. Transport system HOMER is Autonomous all-terrain yachts;
  3. Unmanned road-cleaning installations;
  4. Self-cleaning and anti-icing walking paths.


  1. Unmanned agricultural machines and combines with usage pneumatic actuator and solar battaties;
  2. Agro complexes with the refrigeration installations units and full cycle production;
  3. Monosotostructural ocean fish farms.


  1. Game applications and animated films;
  2. Virtual games and equipment.

Autonomous self-sufficient megacities projects.

Intellectual ecological concept on MONOSOTA's basic  structures.


Monosotostructures can be used for:


  • from individual Cottages
  • Townhouses
  •  Intellectual settlements.


  • Roadside units
  • Hotels
  • Agricultural purposes
  • Hydroponics
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Assembling and sewing workshops
  • Shopping malls
  • Office buildings....

On the water surface:

  • Houses
  • offices
  • hotels
  • piers and docks stretching into the sea about 300 meters
  • fish products farms.


  • up to 6 400 meters high
  • with full energy water and food supply autonomy.


  • General
  • Waste barrier
  • Products structure.

Monosotostructural water constructions


TERMINAL project is manufacturing the floating construction for 2,5 million inhabitants with the load-bearing elements regeneration function.  The projects development  has been carried out since 1991 up to this day. Useful models inventions and patenting are being implemented since 1999 in construction, technological, transport, energy, road cleaning, ecological and other areas.

You can get more information about this and other projects.

  • ST*RAUS is High speed autonomous intellectual transportation system for individual usage, provided with plenty pilot-free transport facilities;
  • HOMER is Autonomous all-terrain yacht;
  • VELOLET is Autonomous fuel-less flying construction;

and many others...

The proposed projects are implemented in Russian and international programs.

 The Patent holder Mr Vladimir Shumovsky is the author of the scientific  educational program  "Professional conceptology".



         The Projects General Director Mr Vladimir Shumovsky,

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