M O N O S O T A by Mr.Shumovskiy

Architectural decisions album.

Intellectual ecological house – for everyone!




Monosotostructural World is an endless possibilities ocean

Why   is  MONOSOTA ?

You can always be sure in MONOSOTA:

  • It is a guarantee of the foundations quality and reliability of your house more than 150 years;
  • This is an opportunity to continually update materials, facades, interiors and intellectual systems in your house;
  • This is the potential multiplied your needs, innovations and the latest global technologies;
  • MONOSOTA can float on water; it does not sink in a swamp, it can stand on any type of ground including mountain slopes.




  • You can quickly assemble and disassemble your house, build on and rebuild it;
  • You can easy change the configuration and the design how and when it will be convenient – this is a constructor for adults;
  • It now depends only on you – replanning, insulation, soundproofing, central heating, hot and cold running water and many others… Important! You don’t need any approvals.


Monosotostructural World

is an endless ocean of architectural and constructive possibilities to create objects for various purposes; from a summerhouse to a skyscraper: on land, in desert, in ice, on water surface or in mountains.

Monosotostructural autonomous energy units



– project is autonomous villages and trading production centers

Monosotostructural autonomous energy units of residential and industrial purpose

Monosotostructural autonomous energy units can be created on existing residential or industrial areas on land or on water surface within time shortage.

Monosotostructural units can be supplied with pneumatic energy systems for heating, conditioning, firefighting, running hot water, electricity etc. 


Construct uniformity

Monosota sizes can be different  the distance between columns is from 1 to 36 meters, their height is up to 18 meters. Monosotostructural building height  is about 6000 meters. 

Monosotostructural sizes are from 12 to 480 square meters;

They are multiply to be the elementary triangles construct square. 



Various planning decisions configurations

Intellectual activity





is Russian author’s construction technology, from the inventions of Mr.Shumovskiy Vladimir Valerievich /St.Petersburg, Russia//.

 MONOSOTA as an idea was originated in 1991, it was a project on the basis of the underwater portal of high-speed transport system “CT*PAYC” by Mr.Shumovskiy.

The MONOSOTA Trademark ,inventions, useful and industrial models are personally owned by Mr.Shumovskiy. The basic patents of the first generation were obtained in Russia (The Russian Federation and ПРТ), St.Peterburg /2003-2008/. At the present time technologies continue to improve and develop. Mr.Shumovskiy is the author and the patent holder.

Intellectual activity

MONOSOTA Company owns the “eternal” house patented technologies, they allow to solve construction problems quickly, efficiently and for ages. The company has more than 200 innovative projects based on these technologies.

PATENTS are received for:

  • Inventions…
  • Useful models…
  • Industrial samples…
  • Trademarks

Many patents don’t have the direct analogues in the world; they have the category AAAA.

Only few architectural possibilities

of Monosotostructural  World

(… « from summerhouse to  Skyscraper…»)

Pre-project, project and the working documentation, technical and technological development are carried out on the specific technical tasks basis, appreciating climatic conditions and after geological researches.

Thanks for your attention!

Sincerely Yours – Vladimir Shumovsky