Intellectual Eco-House «M O N O S O T A »

Design Features.

We present to your attention the unique innovative projects «MONOSOTA» for the construction objects of any level of complexity (innovation city, cottages, villages, townhouses, parking lots, shopping centers, marinas, autonomous tourist centers) upon almost all existing types of surface (land and water), taking into account the climatic characteristics of each region.

 The structure of the group of companies can perform the full range of design, construction and landscaping with warranty and post-warranty service.

«Моносота» - простор возможностей:

объекты любого назначения и сложности.

Monosota is an elementary hexagonal structure which is bounded by a frame in which residential, industrial, commercial or any other compartments could be located.

Monostructure is a fundamentally new event in the field of construction. Due to its unique characteristics it is able to resolve once and forever housing and other issues in any region by eco-friendly ways without using the huge machinery and equipment. Monostructure consists of elementary volumes – monosots, which in their turn consist of three basic sizes: 

1.  “Umbrella”- celling;

2. Room-space;

3. Lilly  (floor).

Monostructure Eco-House.

Why do you need Monosota?


- You can always be sure MONOSOTA is a guarantee of quality and reliability of your home for more than 150 years

 - You have always an opportunity renew the materials of your facades, interiors and Smart  Systems for Your Home;

- MONOSOTA can float in waters, it can stand on any ground, even on the rocks or swamp!


 *You may rebuild your house, change its configuration and design when you want, like a designer of  "Lego for adults";

* You may replan it, heat it supply with hot and cold water – and all that without any approvals.

Home, that could be built

in a few days!

Just  like "one" - "two" - "three"

Ecology – Health –

your own home

Home, that could be built

in a few days!

Just  like "one" - "two" - "three"


  • Monosota is not afraid of floods and deluge!
  • Monosotas could be used as a ground or floating objects with any number of the floor.

«MONOSOTA» presents various projects of country cottages, houses, floating offices, autonomous communities and structures of various purpose and more than 200 other projects of that level.



«Monosota» – is the variety of capabilities


from gazebo to skyscraper.

MONOSOTA - is a "smart home" for the high quality life in harmony, and you decide how it will look like: from planning to architecture, design and interior. It’s your for taste and choice!

MONOSOTA - is the solution for housing for  almost any family. You choose the Concept of housing well-being.

MONOSOTA – is an individual approach based on your choice and your  opportunities, safety, comfort, a variety of "personal home".

Monosota is the invention that can change the world, it gives to any person an opportunity to have elegant, simple, safe and affordable living space, where the life will be filled with beauty and practicality.

«Monosota" – is a wide scale of choice and possibilities for any purpose.


Monosota is an elementary space-room with six walls. This room can be used as you wish: for home, industrial, office, trade or any other purposes. The basic element in monosote is a framework which provides unlimited design possibilities.

Monosota possesses many unique properties.

Due to its unique characteristics it is able to be quickly adjusted to resolve housing construction and many other problems in any region, in eco-friendly ways, without the participation of huge and heavy machinery.

This unique technology virtually eliminates human errors and malfunction or spoilage in construction. It is precise and simple in the same time.

The fundamental aim for the establishment the project were reliability, comfort, functionality and affordability of units and structures that are collected and created on the basis of high technology with the expectation of high incomes.

Any number of stores and any configuration!


The variety of any styles. Monosotas can be used as ground and as floating objects of any height.


You can put monosotas on any ground

Monosotas are fast-constructive.

To assemble Monosota is possible in various places and conditions:

  •  On land (land development);
  • Оn shaky ground (land development);
  • On the surface of rivers and lakes (floating complex);
  •  Near the oceans and seas (floating complex). 

In this case, the methods and conditions of the assembly have differences from each other. For example, complexes can be of mixed types: land-and-floating.

Monosotas are fast-constructive.

It means that it takes less than one day to build a monosota «turn-key» :

  • The distinction of the place and space;
  •  Building the point-like foundation almost on any soil and terrain;
  •  Realization of  assembly and installation works: assembling the workframe, body kit parts

                            + installation,

                            + heat-sound preventing details;

                            + installation convection system;

                            + installation of interior trim;

                            + installation and connection of utilities and communications;

                            + installation of smart systems and add. Equipment.

  •  Delivery of the project to the client.

Null cycle.For land monosota. Screw piles are used:

  • Soil samples are being taken and the piles are selected according to the type of technology
  • Screwing in the piles + soil sample + installation – all it takes just few hours ...

Making framework or sceleton.

Production of the details for the framework is  easy.

The maximum commonality, only 2 types of parts are needed.

  1. Manufacturing of the parts for the framework is taking place in the production place thus ensuring accuracy and quality:

  •   parts for the framework are made using simple machines-press, rolling mill like for example, this so called omega-stamping profile for the bolts:

                                                             elementary "omega-detail"

  •    from elementary "omega-parts" the elementary triangular piece is essembled 

2. From elementary similar parts of the same size can be assembled triangular volume of any size:

  •   by combining triangular parts in multiple-triangle structure (of small triangular parts) you may

bild two-, three-,  four-,  five-row triangular structure ...

  you achieve it by bolting then uphere i:

the is the way to connect the triangles


Making framework.

upper and lower parts of monosotas are combined with twin pillars and thus they form the middle.

Guaranteed quality and long service life

During the production process all the details of framework are:

  •   covered with several layers of anti-corrosion coatings (galvanized, primer, paint, varnish, resin coating ...) that allows you to give a guarantee on the frame members for 300 years.
  •   carefully packed for transport or extended storage

Independent systems of Monosota for sports purposes

have the possibility to be used for:


  • swimming pool;
  • racetracks;
  • The ski descent;


  • office premises;

* Trading halls, cafes, etc. ...

Body kit manufacture.

Manufacturing of parts body kit. Architectural and design solutions.

"Tuning monosot“.

Different clients of the same monosota frames can choose the different body kits for different architectural and design styles like: ethno ... / / hi-tech ... / / classic ... / / ... Gothic / / eco ... and many others.

The decor, architecture and design in detail cladding is made on the building spot.

Parts are handled in a special way, in accordance with strictly defined technology for each element and each detail.

Items can dispose of various types of materials, tiles, etc.

The parts can be composed of several elements and be further decorated.

"Tuning monosot“" is a separate area, that means additional design direction for the production of various elements.

Quality and long life guarantee is given.

 All kit parts are carefully packaged for transport or storage.

Manufacturing of parts:

Monosotas body kits can be made ​​of:

  • Panels (reinforced, cement, particleboard, cellular, etc.);
  • boards and panels for various purposes and Quality (planks, logs and similar materials);
  • natural and artificial stones;
  • suspended, tiles and reinforced materials, etc.

Body kits can be enhanced by a metal mesh reinforcement, relevant, reinforced or armored shields, etc.

Details of certain forms of architectural solutions incorporated under the dodger monosot produced by different methods:

  •   sawing out materials’ details  according to the exact patterns with high precision;
  •   molded, extruded panels from different materials;
  • weaving and other methods.

Body kit production.

Manufacturing of the parts:

Monosotas body kits are divided into:

  • Roofing
  • Wall
  • Lower 


Monosotas body kit consists of:

  • supporting rails monosotas body kit;
  • body kit parts, cut to right size;
  • flashings skirts;
  • fasteners body kit

Assembling the framework.

2. Assembling of frame from light parts (up to 3 kg.) consists of the following steps:

  • Installation of the guide frame on pile foundations;
  • Fixing the parts between the guide and the details of the triangular formation and the bottom part of monosota - "Lily";
  • Fixing of small stand on the "lily" monosota and the formation of floor’s horizontal triangular constructions on them;
  • Installing and mounting of the stand;
  • Setting of the triangular parts and constructs the triangular formation of horizontal ceiling;
  • Setting of the small stand and mounting them on the "umbrella" monosota

To collect is very simple process, like the "Lego" ...

With one "wrench" key just

/ / Everything just on bolting / /

3. From multilayered structures of the same lane triangular can be assembled hexagon monosota  of any size:

due to multiple-row flat hexagonal structures;

the principle of combining multi-row

triangles on the flatness

(for the floor and ceiling of  monosota)

and due to concave-convex multi-row hexagonal structures of obliquely

structures for the "Umbrella" and "Lilies" parts.

Umbrella" and "Lilies" parts.

Design features of monosota

The erection of walls and ceilings in monosota is similar to existing technology frame construction with some additions and improvements.

However, monosotas initially have its frame overlap, that allows to carry out on the construction site only the assembly of ready-made products and of cut into the size parts, without wet works and bulk materials.

The house is well protected by multi-layer insulation materials with internal and external parties. In this way framework remains inside, between the inner and outer walls. And due to the constant flow of air in the walls, the moisture evaporates and does not accumulate.

There is construction debris, no need in heavy equipment, bulk materials and dirt – now it is pure assembly of readymade parts.

Design features of monosota

There are no cold bridges - frame is protected by insulating materials on the internal and external sides;

There is no dampness in the walls - because monosotas feature an unique system of convection currents (natural and forced). That is, due to the constant flow of the air into the walls, the moisture evaporates, and does not accumulate.

Condensation does not stay in the walls, as the metal parts are insulated and are inside of the walls (they are not displayed outside and inside the house), and there is no difference and temperature limits.

In this case, the frame contains insulating gaskets on certain points of the joints of the frame.

All elements and panels are easily removed and replaced!

The technology of monosota’s assembly

Attaching ready made details is implemented by the fixing elements and consists of the following steps:

*Fixing of the supporting rails of the walls on the constructive of monosota;

* Installation of fasteners elements of "umbrella";

* Installation of the details of "umbrella"  (roof);

* Installation of fasteners elements of "Lilies";

* Installation of details of "Lilies";

* Installation of fasteners elements of monosota walls;

* Installation of details of monosota walls;

* Installation of windows and doors;

*Setting flashings;

* Installation the  the additional equipment and parts in accordance with the order.

In this case, all the items are already installed with ready-made body kit architectural solutions to this order, and collected

... Easily, quickly and safely ... due to the simple and right decisions ...

Monosotas are equipped with local utilities - for quick and easy maintenance and replacement

The main emphasis is quality, environmental friendliness, comfort, reliability and safety.

Monosotas complexes can be equipped with the pneumatic-energy systems for heating, air conditioning, firefighting equpment, hot water supply, electricity, etc.

Independent monosotas’residential energy complexes

Feel warm, safe and comfortable in any weather

All monosotostrukturnyehome for residential purpose are energy efficient and universal!

Monosoty are earthquake-resistant - have increased resistance to earthquakes.

The Project "Ecomir"

Self-contained eco-settlement trading and manufacturing centers.

Monosotostructure autonomous energy systems residential and industrial purposes

Monosotostructure autonomous energy systems can be created on the basis of existing residential or industrial buildings on the land or on the water with minimal time lost.

monosota –the  world of opportunities.

Constructive size of monosot.
The examples you can see below.

The size of monosot can be extremely varied (25, 41, 65, 91 ²), with the distance between the uprights 2 to 9 m and a height of from 1 to 12 meters, that means – squares of Monosotostructures are multiply to each monosota from 12 to 150 square meters.

Constructive roofing systems

Roof and roofing systems Monosotostructure.

Roof and roofing systems Monosotostructure.

Roof or roofing system is mounted on the inclined meringue segments (large triangles) hexagonal pyramid (umbrellas) on each monosota.

Monosotostructure roofing systems:

  • being designed for different tasks for different regions in accordance with the regulations, technical demands and wishes of the customer;
  • standard, universal and reinforced constructive roofing systems are being designed for hurricane-force winds, large snow loads, large hail, etc.
  • Monosotostructure  are manufactured in factories, then assembled  on the right spot;
  • Monosotostructure may be of various shapes and configurations and have various purposes;


The staircases and platforms in Monosotostructures.

For Monosotostructure homes, shop malls and various facilities ladders of various types are used:

  • various sizes, from standard and typical toexclusive one are being designed they are universal and reinforced;
  •  Staircases with spans up to 12 meters are produced according to the various tasks  and project with a specific purpose;
  • Different standard, universal and enhanced architectural solutions are being manufactured for individual and multi-storey buildings.

Monostructure design.

Monosota - is eco-house because it is erected by clean and eco-friendly  to the human beings  materials and could be integrated into the ecosystem.

The uniformity of the structural elements

Now, suburban houses, country houses and frame houses on the water can no longer be considered as a real estate because monosota could be easily and quickly dismantled and moved to a new location! The company «PLAZNA» has technologies that enable to solve developing problems much faster, better and exist for ages!

Pre-project and project documentation, technical and technological studies are  carried out on the basis of specific terms of reference, taking into account climatic conditions and geological research.

The advantages of  monostructure facilities

Monosota - is a self-contained elementary space of monostructural facilities and "eternal" one (it means that it consist of the elements replaceable on the spot). It is an intellectual home which posseses many unique qualities.

 Due to a careful and meticulous elaboration MONOSTRUCTURE  FACILITIES have unique characteristics and capabilities *.

  1. High speed assembly.
  2. Easy to assemble. The design thought out to the smallest detail. Inability of errors caused by the fact that there are only 5 types of parts made in the factory, intending to screw mounts. The fit is excluded.
  3. The construction of multi-storey buildings do not require overall construction equipment and workers will not be subjected to danger and will not damage the soil.
  4. The easy way of completion of construction to almost any number of storeys and up to any reasonable size after commissioning.
  5. One can easily replace components locally and without disassembling the entire structure. Overhaul does not require eviction!


     Monosotas are not afraid of floods and flooding! Monosotas can be used as ground and as floating objects of any height.


    Construction of monosotas possible at any time of the year and in any terrain.

  8. Monosotas are earthquake-resistant.

  9. The natural shape of the cell has beneficial effects on human health and plants.

  10. Monosoto-structures can be used to protect against natural disasters - floods, tsunamis.

  11. It is easy to make alterations it is a paradise for designers and architects. The abundance of interior and exterior solutions are limited only by imagination, and the concept of the chosen style.

  12. Mobility structures of monosota. It can be removed, dismantled and transported to a new place to be installed again.

MONOSOTOSTRUKTURNOE CONSTRUCTION is stable and self-sufficient at any stage of construction.

During the reconstruction it can be quickly built on partly or partially dismantled without disturbing the residents and guests of the building.

If necessary it can also be quickly (and at any time) disassembled and stored on site without damaging the landscape. 

Environmental and safety.


Monostructures  based  on monosotas  can protect its residents from many disasters: 

  • *Earthquake (no limit on the Richter scale);
  • * Tsunami (with wave heights up to 90 meters);
  • * Typhoons (with wind gusts up to 700 km / h);
  • * Landslides and avalanches (with load on the walls of up to 16 tons per 1 sq.m.);
  • * Frost (up to -80 degrees Celsius), floods, snow, etc. natural disasters.

Change the layout each season!

Make repairs during one day

INTERIOR-planning decisions.

Now, to make replanning or even repair of your house’s rooms, office will be less difficult than to move your furniture.

For example, to make 3-rooms flat from 2-rooms or vice versa will be possibly... during 2 hours!

Simple, quiet, clean and eco-friendly!

Intellectual activity

The company has a patented technologies for the "eternal" home, that allows to find solutions  much faster and better in comparison with the existing methods.

Many patents have no analogues in the world and bear the category “AAAA”

The company has a number of such patents in different applications and more than 200 innovative projects based on them.

The calculations of monostructure stability were carried out.


 We take as an example calculation of bearing capacity of a single monosota ... of a  high buildings (more than 300 meters).  Under the carrying capacity we understand a maximum load, which impact on the construction of monosota will still allow to keepmonosota’s shape and structural properties. The complete destruction may occur in the following cases:

  • The stresses in the structure caused by the load can exceed the yield strength of the material, that can be result of large plastic deformations. Load, that cause stress above the yield stress of the material ...
  •  When you reach a certain level of loading, called the critical load, there will be a loss of stability of the structure, another words - a sharp change in its shape ... The scheme of calculation for determination the bearing capacity of monosoty enough to consider a few typical cases of loading. Since the analysis considered the overall strength monosoty any load including lumped and distributed over the surfaces spans overlap, are reduced, ultimately to the focused efforts nodes ... of specific structures, consisting of monosot as specific cases of loading were selected load side units concentrated efforts in various areas and units of the top - concentrated force ...

Monosota as the carrier element may be used to create structures monosotostrukturnogo ...... monosota is stable element monosotostrukturnogo object ... basis of the results ... the test methods ...

All the calculations are carried out by finite element method ... The equations describing the behavior of this element include axial tension, compression, bend in two directions ... twisting around the axis, as well as taking into account the deformation of the cross-reference section of arbitrary direction…


You can see the calculations of the stability monosotostruktur.


The example of the most representative cases of loading monosoty

Strength calculations were made in the program ANSYS.

The results: The proposed sotostruktura that based on monosot can be manufactured industrially, as confirmed by the design and engineering study tools, components, control systems, computing, control testing of prototypes, research and operational use of the rationale, the proposed technical solutions. This fact determines the compliance of this complex sotostrukturnogo criterion of "industrial applicability".

Pre-design, design and working documentation, technical and technological studies are carried out on the basis of specific terms of reference, taking into consideration climatic conditions and upon conducting geological research.

Today you have learned just only some features of the world monostructure "from gazebos to skyscraper".


Thanks a lot for your attention.

Dir. Vladimir Shumovskiy /