Civilization level is a proportion of intellectual possibilities in value creation to the number of parasitic elements – potential destruction instruments, as soon as intellect, culture and accuracy is a single item of the whole one…

Innovative technical inventions

The concept was developed in 1998, in St .Petersburg, Russia



High-speed radio-controlled autonomous universal transportation system «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» by Mr. Shumovskiy – what is it? It is autonomous energy, high-speed, intellectual, hinged type transport system for individual usage that provided with plenty pilot-free transport facilities.

«ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» represents the combination of unidirectional transportation facilities and highways system;

It has numerous Parking spaces, transport  infrastructure, gradient areas of the speed limit change and centralized, managed by artificial intellect cabins. Let’s name these cabins SHUTTLES, but our ships are individual. «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» moves in 3-dimensional space with speed on the different circles more than 900 kilometers per hour.In fact it is 4D-transport on 3 levels, designed to be 28 times more effective than the maximum railways possibilities.

«ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» is harmonious combination of lightness, elegance and energy autonomy provided the versatility and reliability, full independence from communications.




«ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» project is designed for complete and operational solution of transportation problems – safety, efficiency, ecological compatibility, transportation and roads cheapness. All project’s stages, construction, operation, service and modernization systems are carefully designed.

The transportation system is developed for transport problems prevention both megacities and remote areas. «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» is the simple solutions collection to solve the problems.

The difference between «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» system and existing transport is fundamental; «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» does not mean just transportation. This is a well-functioning intellectual transport organism for automatic personal people and goods movement.

«ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» easily solves transport problems both in cities and in towns; it is a vehicle with advanced security, comfort, efficiency in all weather conditions without traffic jams and timetable.

Many international transport companies have already adopted this concept.




«ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» by MrShumovskiy – «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС»Russian copyright transport technology from Mr. Shumovskiy Vladimir Valerievich development series  /St .Petersburg, Russia, 1998/ The idea originated in 1991 and first was introduced the Scientists House in St. Petersburg. Since 2001 it started to be realized in practice in the form of testing, scientific research, utility models and industrial designs.





The base inventions patents and the first generation utility models were obtained in Russia, St. Petersburg / The Russian Federation and PRT/, 2003. Despite the bureaucracy and state structures oppositions, which significantly reduces Russian innovative technologies of development rate; since 1990 the realizations of «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» ideas came to life in practice. It started in the form of tests, research testing developments, inventions, useful models and industrial designs at the personal author money.








In 2006 «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» project has been destroyed by St. Petersburg tax service (Krasnogvardeyskiy region).  The profits loss amounted to 1 billion 350 EURO.

«ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» gradually overcomes all borders in its way for invention… Now a days the technology revived, improved and continues to develop.













Mr. Shumovskiy Vladimir Valerievich

is the author and the patent holder.

«ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» ideas have already been borrowed by many companies around the world, which confirms economic and practical the project significance.

Below we present an original patented concept of the 1998 transportation system «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» by Mr. Shumovskiy; it is much superior to published in 2014 foreign analogues.

Unique characteristics and innovations:

High-speed transportation system «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» by Mr. Shumovskiy has the following unique features:

  • «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» has a high economic efficiency due to the traffic capacity. There is the possibility of transporting more than 50 000 passengers or 10 000 tons per hour at a distance 900 km (taking into account the loading time per one line).


  • «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» is a low cost, easily renewed and accessible to all population layers transportation; its production, service and content are much cheaper than public, with an unprecedented high by today’s standards comfort level. The travel price in this transport will be significantly lower than an average bus;
  • «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» has a high safety degree and comfort level.
  • «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» always provides with passengers really quick and punctual arrival at the destination;  and of cause the fastest arrival of the rescue services and police to needed location.


  • Actually «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» has no atmospheric emission;
  • «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» system has the high maintainability degree: all items consist of composite structures and can be easily replaced and quickly repaired.
  • Everyone will be able to become owners of safe, fast, comfortable individual vehicle. The cabins can be purchased at exclusively personal use: the vehicle is always automatically follows his owner.


  • You can call your SHUTTLE distantly, at any time and any weather, using your phone or keychain; average arrival time is about 2 – 3 minutes.
  • You don’t need to buy a ticket for travel in «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» cabin. Intellectual system recognizes the passenger and it itself solves all formalities. «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» moves from the landing to the destination without stops. The passenger determines the destination; the route and speed are calculated and directed by intellectual «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» system.
  • The waiting rooms, the tickets and ticket offices, timetables and transfers are absent;
  • The accidents caused by “human factor” are excluded. The passenger does not drive; SHUTTLE is moved and managed automatically by intellectual «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» system.
  • «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» provides individual fourplaced cabins at any nearest landing place and for the required quantity; it prevents long wait and the passengers overcrowding. The concepts as “rush hour” and traffic jams will be excluded.

This condition practically prevents the terrorist attacks as it reduces their effectiveness and they become senseless.

  • «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» is a reliable barrier against terrorism;
  • There are no casual companions in «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» system. That is why transport crimes, including stealing, are almost reduced;
  • The individual cabins prevent the infections transfer and its spreading;
  • «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» system saves money, time and nerves.
  • The individual «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» cabins speed may exceed 900 kilometers per hour. It means that 50 000 passengers at any day and any weather conditions (on each line) will arrive in 1 hour from any large place to various locations.
  • Transportation ST*RAUS system is seismic resistant. It can be spread in the places with high seismic activity  and stands the calculated vibration more than 10 points on Richter scale.
  • ST*RAUS system remains operational at the floods, heavy precipitation, avalanches, landslides and mudflows. Specialized racks may be covered with snow or flooded to the level of 18 meters above the ground.
  • Transportation ST*RAUS system is resistant to temperature changes from -60 to + 70 Celsius degrees and remains effective and operational at the fogs, strong winds, heavy rainfall, ice and sleet.
  • Transportation ST*RAUS system is able to work on unstable soils and swamps;
  • ST*RAUS has the high speed of highways construction:

     -  up to 1,5 km per day from the each assemblage point;

     -  that is 600 km in 2 working months during assembly with 8 points at the same time.

  • ST*RAUS system can be effectively used in the fight against of forest fires, soil erosion, desertification (that is to create conditions for the oases formation, fertile soil in a desert area and to prevent the desert spreading).


ST*RAUS highways can have some modifications:

  1. Shake-proof areas for high-speed transport ( mostly seismically active zones);
  2. High-speed transportation system ST*RAUS with specialized foundations (upgraded with the flooded soils and waterlogged areas).
  3. «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» transport system with rain-forced supports (upgraded with regards to avalanches and landslides).
  4. High-speed transportation system frost-proof areas (upgraded from the snow mass, snowstorms and low temperatures).
  5. Dust tight areas high-speed transport routs (upgraded taking into account sandstorms and high temperatures).
  6. High speed transport system sites with extra- long legs to overcome water barriers (upgraded with regards to the water environment peculiarities).

Unique transport system by Mr. Shumovskiy is designed to:

  • significantly save the passengers and transport services time;
  • to resolve the difference between city, suburb and long-distance travel; - to provide an unprecedented speed, security, availability and increased comfort to almost any income level passengers;
  • Our goal is to create a sustainable transportation artery world, and to deliver international construction project. High-speed transportation routes are the new Millennium transport network, just like” The great silk construction”. It is designed to combine and adjust traffic flows from Asia, Europe and Russia as a unified system. When you can forget about tickets, timetables, the inclement weather and traffic jams. 

Presently anti- ecological railways are the high risk transport with low efficiency. They hold a leading transportation position, at the same time causing irreparable harm to the nature.

Application sphere/ from freight to passenger transportation

High-speed transportation system «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» by Mr. Shumovskiy is much broader in using than the traditional transport models. Due to the unique structural elements are provided passenger, cargo-passenger and cargo transportations; from individual postal packets, products and daily  goods delivery to solid, liquid or gaseous loads containers, weighting more than 300 tons per day. 

«ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» by Mr. Shumovskiy is easy in operation, with high maintainability and construction speed. It makes the most remote areas around the world easily available with a wide geographic and climatic usage range: mountains, rivers, swamps, sands, permafrost.

Staff and production.

There are necessary skilled work force and production capacity on the project. It is available in full measure.

The engineering is picked up, technical and technological conditions are developed; technical specifications for the design, manufacture components and parts are prepared. The preliminary calculations are made as well as the tasting for several key project designs.

High- speed transportation system «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» can be manufactured. This is confirmed by a design and technological tools study, computerization, control system, prototypes tests and operational usage research. That is why the vehicle meets the industrial applicability criterion.


Economy just like a living organism is inseparable linked with the movement. «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» project represents an opportunity to take the next step in innovations technologies development: the newest Millennium transport creation. «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС»system by Mr. Shumovskiy is the highest efficiency transport: security, comfort and ecological safety. It is able to harmoniously fit into the urban and natural environment.

The lack of effective solutions to transportation problems annually costs astronomical amounts; in addition to life losses.

Present time works for those who know how to properly handle the intellectual property.

World companies have been actively using Russian developments by Mr. Shumovskiy for 15 years…

«ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» idea is being already borrowed by many companies. It confirms the economic and practical project viability…




1316NASA: Is it Russian high-technological transport technologies stealing?

Information sources www.actualitati.md 2013

Tel Aviv decided to become the first city in the World with the maglev public transportation system.

SkyTran  is described by developers as “Jetsons” in real life. It is considered to be ecological clear, cheap, quick comfortable alternative to cars and buses.

The levitating taxi will appear in Tel Aviv.

NASA: Is it Russian high-technological transport technologies stealing?

Information sources www.actualitati.md 2013

Double TU (transport units) are called as a taxi via web site manner or mobile application directly at the station; they arrive almost immediately. TU slide without any stops and barriers to the destination station. This reduces congestion and solve “the last mile” problems.

The engineers from NASA and sky Tran company have developed this system. It is based on the NASA center research in California, where the full scale working Sky Tran prototype is being built now Lightweight trailers are being made of composite materials; electricity is fed from the top over like trams and feeds them Sky Tran general Director Jerry Sanders notes that in the future solar panels will be equipped with guides. Then Sky Tran will become the “greenest” public transport system in the World.

The friction reduction allows it to accelerate to 240 km. per Hour, while maintaining a smooth ride. In urban environments the speed will certainly be considerably lower.

Why does NASA have Russian designes by Mr. Shumovskiy?

Russian designing concept Conclusions has been being

widely discussed on the online portals;

  • «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» concept was introduced into St. Petersburg Transport committee;
  • into the American and other Embassies  /2002/,
  • Russian Federation President and administration, Moscow and St. Petersburg governments  /2003/

ST*RAUS basic concept distortion will lead NASA to the major errors…




NASA colleagues are not looking for easy ways. Difficulties and high – risk transport inspire them….

They offer passangers to locate again into the crowd and traffic jams.

“Traffic jams under the clouds is the new earth’s problems brand, but at a different stage.


The greedy pays twice. Before this level technology “adoption” you must learn to think conceptually, must solve engineering security and harmony problems competently.

Analoguesin 1901

Идеям подвесных дорог над парками и каналами уже не одно столетие. Вупперталь славится своей построенной на рубеже 19-го и 20-го веков подвесной монорельсовой дорогой  WuppertalerSchwebebahn



Now a days «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» exceeds the NASA concept for many fundamental aspects: from conceptual and solutions (safety, manufacturability, speed, efficiency, flexibility, maintainability, price and more).

Being introduced in 1999 «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» system basic characteristics could not be announced by NASA in 2015, due to the fundamental innovative solutions absence and the common conceptual project model.

// actualitati.md (watch «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» project description).


We have 17 years hibernation of Russia and the lost profit is 1350 billion EURO.

It is important to realize that underlying «ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» concept by Mr. Shumovskiy |1999| is basic.

Foreign analogues clearly and once again proves it, emphasizing its price effect accuracy.

The companies concepts, represented above, are fragmentary. They do not represent a monolithic, connecting complete and harmonious transport system conception; that significantly cuts their ability. In this case a Russian saying is correct:

«ST*RAUS / СТ*РАYС / СТ*РАУС» is 28 times more efficient than railways.


“You can’t erase the words from the song”.

companies have been actively using Russian developments by Mr. Shumovskiy for 15 years…